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because of its historical significance," explained Hogan."We underwent a significant renovation and remodeling project in 2019 which more than doubled our office space allowing us to deliver a better customer experience." She also pointed out that the agency has its roots deep in Manistee County, and that the two have grown together over the years. “We have grown with it and have changed as the community has changed,” said Hogan.

The agency has evolved over the years. The first change came in 1904 when Frank Barnes, the son of Burton P. Barnes, joined the firm. Consequently, the name of the firm became Barnes and Barnes in 1922.  For the next 24 years, no major changes took place until 1946 when Charles A. Boyer purchased the business and later incorporated the agency. He served as president until Theodore Knott assumed the position in 1967. Knott held that office until 1981 when Harold Lloyd took over as president. The Baldwin office was opened in 2000 to serve the greater Lake County area and points to the east and south. Della Pia became president upon Lloyd’s retirement in 2004. When Della Pia would retire in 2018, Robin Hogan filled the position of president. 

Hogan commented that the insurance business has changed a great deal since the days when Burton Barnes first swung open the door on his agency. She stated that their customers range from newborn children right on up to people concerned about Medicare supplements, prescription drug coverage, financial planning, and estate planning. “We have a complete Personal Lines Insurance Department, Commercial Lines, Bond Department, and Life and Financial Planning Department,” said Hogan. 

The Boyer president also commented that many of the clients have been with the company for many years. Boyer Insurance Agency prides itself on the fact that many of its clients have been with the agency dating back quite a few years in Manistee’s history. "We are very proud of our heritage and longevity," added Hogan, "we plan to be here for many more years to come."


The agency was established in 1881 by Burton P. Barnes

under the name of the Barnes Agency. Manistee was

a much different community at the time, and it reflected

in the type of insurance that was offered at the Barnes

Agency. That was the lumber era in Manistee, and the

Barnes Agency specialized in insuring shipments of

lumber that were leaving the local port on ships for

bigger cities located around the Great Lakes. They insured lumber that was located on the docks and on the ships. Boyer Agency president, Robin Hogan states, “Back in the old days, it was primarily fire insurance, but now things are much more complex.”

One of the remarkable things about the agency is it has always been located on River Street. When it was the Barnes Agency, it was located at the west end of the street and years later it relocated in the Manistee County

Boyer Building 1900

Barnes Agency, it was located at the west end of the street and

years later it relocated in the Manistee County Savings Bank

building where it remained as a fixture to the downtown area

until 1994. It was at that time that this historic agency moved to

its current location. The move was only fitting because the

historic insurance agency moved into a historic building at

258 River Street. “This building was built in 1872 and we liked it

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